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    Acceleration of polymerization
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Nebulizer (gold)
Nebulizer - an indispensable tool for lash-makers!

Under normal circumstances, for the final polymerization  glue takes moisture for 24 hours. From this  sensitive people, allergy sufferers and people with dry skin can appear discomfort and slight burning sensation. This is due to the fact that the glue takes moisture from the mucosa of the eyes and skin.
The use of a nebulizer accelerates full glue polymerization!
Using the nebulizer save your favorite clients from unpleasant sensations!
How to use a nebulizer?

1. Complete the eyelash extension procedure.
2. Using a special bottle, fill the nebulizer. The water tank is located on the back side of the nebulizer. Use only purified water.
3. The customer's eyes are closed.
4. Open the nebulizer.
5. Hold the device to the eyelashes at a distance of 30-40cm. No need to bring a nebulizer too close.
6. The processing time of each eye: 30-40 seconds.
7. Close the nebulizer.
8. The eyelashes treatment is completed, the client is able to open his eyes.

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