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Black eyelashes by Lovely  - 6 lines - MINI MIX, curl L
Semi-gloss surface, resistant to deformation, saturated color.
Incredibly beautiful curl!
Ideal for modeling the eyelashes of girls with an Asian type of eyes and overhanging eyelids.

Feature of curl "L" is that the base of the eyelashes is absolutely smooth. This feature allows to allocate the eyelash of overhanging eyelids. And after that the eyelashes curled up sharply, but it retains a smooth and graceful curl. This structure of the artificial eyelashes maximum effectively allows to open and beneficial  emphasize the eye of the Asian type.
An additional nice plus of curl "L" is that the straight base of the lashes provides the most large contact area, and thus the gluing of natural lashes with the artificial. That is why such a curl lasts longer on the eyelashes.

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Tags: silicone, mix, black