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    10 ml
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    Закрепитель необходимо наносить на нарощенные ресницы непосредственно после процедуры наращивания ресниц, а также 2-3 раза в неделю в процессе носки.
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    Южная Корея
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Black coating Lovely with the effect of toning, 10ml
Covers the lashes with a thin layer, contributes to longer wearing of the eyelashes, toned the natural eyelashes with their regrowth.
Designed for longer wearing and better connection the natural lashes with artificial, nutrition and strengthening the natural lashes.

Coating must be applied to the lashes immediately after the eyelash extension procedure, and 2-3 times a week in the process of wearing.

Black coating for eyelashes is suitable for use in the  both types of eyelash extension: classical and volume.
Black coating does not stick the lashes.

Coating is necessary to put in the place of gluing the natural and the artificial eyelashes.
Black coating by Lovely with the effect of toning!
- Toning the regrown light eyelashes in dark color
- Enhances the color and luster of the lashes
- Suitable for any kind of eyelash extensions
- Covered by a protective layer the place of gluing the eyelashes 
- Extends the time of wearing the eyelashes
- Liquid
- Does not stick the lashes

Shelf life: 12 months

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