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  • Manufacturer:
  • Volume:
    10 ml
  • Consist:
    Propylene carbonat, dimetylketone, n-methyl-2 pyrroldone, antibiotik materials
  • Method of application:
    Нанести ремувер на наращённые ресницы, подождать 3-10 минут, снять искусственные ресницы, тщательно удалить остатки препарата.
  • Manufacturer country:
    Южная Корея
  • Consistency:
  • Roominess:
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Liquid remover Lovely, 10 ml
Super fast liquid remover by Lovely 

It is used to remove the lashes.
Clear color.
It quickly dissolves the glue.

Cap with a secret.
Remover “Lovely” equipped with a cap "with a secret," now there is no fear that the cap will open accidentally during transportation or  by child!
To work with this remover can be  very careful, avoiding contact the liquid with the mucous of eyes.
Of point wise apply the necessary amount of the remover on the eyelashes. Avoid spreading preparation for it is recommended to use micro-brush, which does not absorb the excess liquid. After 5 minutes, remove the lashes and the remnants of preparation, clear the eyes with makeup remover, rinse with water.

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