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  • Manufacturer:
  • Volume:
    15 мл
  • Consist:
    H2O, ethyl alcohol, AA, Silane
  • Method of application:
    Нанести обезжириватель на микробраш, тщательно очистить им поверхность ресниц.
  • Manufacturer country:
    Южная Корея
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Pre-treatment Lovely with the aroma of cherry, 15 ml
Perfectly copes with the first stage in the process of eyelash extensions - cleansing.
Effectively removes dust, greases and the remains of cosmetics from the eyelashes.
To cleanse the lashes, apply a small amount of pre-treatment on special sticks, micro-swab (micro-brushes) and rub the eyelashes, pay special attention to the base of the eyelashes and the place where there is the gluing of natural and artificial eyelashes.
The product is economical in use if used micro-brushes, not absorbing the excess liquid.
The preparation should be stored unopened in a cool place.

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