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Essence for the growth of eyelashes FEG

Effective preparation for growth, strengthening and lengthening the eyelashes FEG.

Manufacturer: "Zhunyantan"

The amplifier of eyelash growth FEG- a specially designed preparation for the growth of eyelashes, has received approval from the FDA (the US Department of Health).
FEG serum affects the dormant hair cells, increases blood supply to the lashes follicles, nourishing them and thus evokes the growth of eyelashes, strengthens existing eyelashes, making them thicker, stronger, longer and darker.
- FEG is rich in growth factors, activate hair cells.
- Comprehensive care, 100% natural
- Composition: Health & Safety.
- No side effects.

How to use:
Use serum once daily on clean  eyelashes.
Apply a thin layer with the applicator on the eyelashes  roots of the upper eyelid.
The first results will be visible after 7 days.
Volume: 3 mL.
Enough for 4-5 months.

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