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Rollers for eyelashes "Lovely"


Reusable кollers for eyelashes "Lovely" for biowaving / laminating of eyelashes.
Used to give the desired , exquisite natural curl to the eyelashes. They are intended for professional reusable using.
The roller is a thin semi-circular shape on the one hand, and in the form of a chamomile on the other.
In the center the rollers have slightly larger diameter, whereby there comfortably accommodate a central long hairs, to the edges the diameter becomes smaller. Easy to place on the eyelid due to anatomic shape.
Give your lashes shape of smooth natural curl.
In three sizes:
S (small)
M (medium)
L (large)


Lamination of eyelashes by Lovely – it is revitalizing treatment for strengthening, thickening , shine and coloring of the eyelashes. Thanks to it, your eyelashes can have beautiful desired curl, the eyes become more expressive and look more attractive.
The compositions which are used in the procedure, contain nutrients. They penetrate into the very structure of lashes, nourishing and filling it from within. This helps to increase its volume, to give it health and shine.
Effect of curled eyelashes , resulting the procedures stored for more than four weeks, depending on the rate of growth of the eyelashes it may continue up to three months.

The procedure of eyelashes lamination is recommended for any type and condition of lashes.
Each type of eyelashes has its own treatment program.
The program of reconstruction and rehabilitation of deep moisturizing of eyelashes held 1 time in 3-4 weeks. Then, to maintain the effect and prevention  1.5 times in 1 -2 months.
For healthy and dense eyelashes it is enough to carry out the procedure of lamination 1 time in 2 months.
Each subsequent lamination procedure of eyelashes not only improves the condition of lashes, but there is her thickening.

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