• Rating:
  • Manufacturer:
  • Volume:
    5 ml
  • Color:
  • Adhesive strength:
    8 weeks
  • Fixation time:
    0.5 sec
  • Consist:
    Этил-2-цианокрилатный, этоксиэтил цианоакрилатный, полиметилметакрилат, сажа (CI 77266)
  • Method of application:
    Окунуть искусственную ресницу в клей и приклеить к натуральной
  • Manufacturer country:
    Южная Корея
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Royal glue by Lovely

Glue for eyelashes extension "Victoria"
The newest glue formula for eyelashes extension.
For the experienced masters 
* Color: black
* Fixation time: instantly
* Adhesive strength: up to 8 weeks
* Liquid consistency
* Minimum fumes
* Resistant to changing external conditions (temperature, humidity)
* Volume: 5 ml.
Country of production: South Korea
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What is the shelf life of the glue for eyelash extension?
Shelf life of glue from the production - 6 months. After opening the glue shelf life is two months. After this time, the glue starts to lose its properties, the adhesive strength decreases. Do not use the glue, as it will affect at the wearing of eyelashes. In order not to throw away the unused glue with expired shelf life, it is necessary to buy such amount of glue, as you can use during 2 months. You can buy the glue for eyelashes extension in volume of 2, 5 and 10 ml.

Do we need special conditions for the good working with the glue?

Yes! Glue for eyelashes extension is very sensitive to the conditions in the room. It is important to have cool temperature (18-23 ° C) and high humidity (50-80%) in the room where the procedure of eyelashes extension is. If any of these conditions is not met, the glue may start to act up and the fixation time can be increased. Therefore it is very important to create the ideal conditions for the glue.
To do this, you can set the air conditioner and humidifier. So you can always maintain the favorable environment in the room and your glue will work perfectly.

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This glue is suitable only for separate eyelashes extension, you can not glue the beams or false eyelashes with it.

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